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Story Time

Our Story

Everyone has a story and this is ours.

Poppet was started to encourage the love of discovering new stories and to help our little ones pick up the language and communication skills they need so they can share theirs.

This is not just for the little ones who are starting out. It's also for those of us going on the journey with our kids and are starting again. The path is not always clearly marked and we need all the help that we can get.

So here are some provisions for the journey ahead.

About the Company
Our Writers
Story Time

Norlin Samat

Norlin Samat is an ex-primary school teacher with a Post-graduate Diploma in Education and an MA in Language Studies. She is a passionate educator with a career spanning more than 18 years as a teacher and an administrator in public and private education institutions.

Norlin is proud to be from a place where being bilingual is the norm. However, as a ‘lapsed bilingual’ and parent, Norlin understands that helping the little ones pick up a new language can be a challenge. She hopes her books and the work she does through Poppet will help family members and educators in their efforts to raise the next generation of bilinguals.

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Story Time

Abdolah Lamat

Cikgu Abdolah Lamat is a veteran educator with 54 years’ experience in primary school education with a passion for music. Trained by the late Zubir Said, the composer of the Singapore National Anthem, Cikgu Abdolah is also well-known for numerous compositions, ranging from national songs to those used in MOE curriculum.

Nyanyi dan Baca Bersama Datuk dan Nenek brings together his vast experience in education, love for teaching and music expertise. He hopes the book and songs will help family members and educators inculcate an interest in the Malay Language in our young ones.

Story Time

Fadhilah Muhamad

Fadhilah Muhamad is an award-winning writer, a trainer for early childhood education and a home-based entrepreneur. A mother of three boys, she draws inspiration from them for her writing.

Fadhilah’s passion for writing began in school and her work – short stories, poems and cartoons – have been published in Berita Harian, Singapore’s Malay-language newspaper. One of her short stories “Ada Apa Pada Nama" was awarded an “Anugerah Persuratan”, a Malay literary award.

A keen observer and listener, Fadhilah writes from the perspective of her young readers. Fadhilah’s books are not just for reading; they are interactive experiences that encourage her readers to contribute and become part of the stories. 

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