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Story Time



Term 3:

29 June - 25 August 2024

(Saturdays and Sundays)

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Poppet's Programs for Seamless Language Learning

Embark on a language-learning adventure with Poppet's Programmes, designed to support parents teaching Bahasa Melayu to their children. Our innovative programs, created and curated by seasoned educators, seamlessly fuse education and enjoyment, integrating language learning into the fabric of daily life. Inspired by Norlin's parenting journey and insights from a community of parents and educators, Poppet stands ready to transform the challenge of introducing a new language into a delightful and relevant experience for your little ones.


At Poppet's Programmes, learning continues after each session ends. Recognising that parents play a pivotal role in supporting their children's educational journey, our take-home activities serve to reinforce learning at home. We're dedicated to making the language acquisition process easier and more enjoyable for your children. As your partners in this journey, we collaborate with parents to ensure a seamless and enriching learning experience.

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Story Time
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